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Cancellation Policy

Cancellation Policy of Genericpharmas

We give our maximum effort to full fill all the orders placed. Sometimes in high traffic, we are unable to place your order. In the offer zone, there is a shortage of drugs and unfortunately, we have to Cancellation Policy your order. in this situation, we give a refund as soon as possible or deliver drugs as we get them from companies.

Our customer care department contact you if your order is canceled because of an unwanted problem. If your order will cancel then we contact you in a short period of time. If you use a credit card, the amount will be reversed into your bank account.


In case, customers do not pay the bill then their order should be canceled automatically. We give fix period of time to pay the bill of drugs. In technical problem contact us.


You should contact our customer care if you want to cancel your order. We will share a cancelation receipt after your action. If your order is not placed on our portal then we will cancel your order. We will not be able to cancel orders that have already been processed or shipped out by us. In some cases, this can happen within 12 hours after you place the order.


If you pay bills with a credit card, we will reverse the payment into the card. If you use a check or money then we will send a check or money to you. You have to notice that we sent money to the building address that you give us. 

The refund process may take 10 business days. If we sent money to your living address then it take more time.

If you have any questions then mail us at