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Diabetes Care

What is diabetes?

Diabetes is a long-time illness in the human body. It increases the level of sugar inside the body. Its impact on our energy and bones. It causes body pain, weakness, heart problems, sexual problems, and bone damage. It decreases the count of white blood cells in the body.

How many types of diabetes?

There are three types of diabetes.

Type 1: It is a serious type of diabetes. It occurs at any age of people. It is controlled with help of insulin.

Type 2: It normally occurs in old people. It can control with healthy food and exercise. It is normal for the older ones.

Type 3: Many women suffer from this type of diabetes. It occurs during pregnancy. The level of sugar either increases or decreases continuously.

What is diabetes Care?

There are many ways to control diabetes. It is given as follows.

Insulin: People with type 1 diabetes, need to tame insulin with the use of injections, pumps, or inhalers. People with type 2 can also take insulin sometimes.

Medicines: People who suffer from type 2 diabetes, need to take pills regularly at fixed times to control sugar levels. It is normal to take medicine for it.

Exercise: Pregnant women can control their diabetes with proper diets and regular exercise. Any type of diabetes can control with exercise and yoga.

Other Way: With help of regular diets, people can control their sugar levels. Drinking water, eating green vegetables or fruit, and dry fruits should help to control diabetes. It is the best diabetes care


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