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Fever Care

What is Fever?

The normal body temperature of a human body is 37.8 celsius. Anyone who has a body temperature above 37.8 celsius has a fever and they need to take proper guidance from local doctors. It is a common thing in humans. There are many reasons behind this illness. It is as follows.

Why do we need to control fever?

There are many side effects of fever on the human body.

Infection: If a person will not take treatment for fever, It will infect another part of the body or another person near them.

Cancer: Sometimes normal fever can lead to serious diseases like cancer.

High Body temperature: Fever can lead to high temperature of the body outside the body and low temperature inside the body. Its impact on the brain.

Side effects: Some medicine can side effect on bodies and causes major illness.

What is fever Care?

There is plenty of ways to reduce fever.

Drinking Water: A person who has a fever, needs to drink hot water with normal salt. It will help to reduce body temperature.

Light clothes: The patient need to wear light weighted clothes and the person can easily breathe. It will increase the oxygen amount inside the lungs.

Fluid: Put a warm fabric with hot water. With the help of hot water, a person feels better.

Medicines: Visit our near clinic and take guidance from the doctor. Take medicine on time.

Good sleep is better than anything. Take a rest for a while with a soft pillow.


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