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    Skin Care

    What are Skin problems?

    Skin is a sensitive part of the human body. Skin diseases affect your skin. Rashes, infections, pimples, dry skin, and oily skin all are skin-related problems. Some skin problems are genetic or some occur because of lifestyle factors. skin care should reduce it.

    Some skin care tips:

    Make pest from oil or water and apply it to the skin. Take it for 15 mins and remove it.

    use toner for dry skin

    You also use the antioxidant serum for oily skin.

    Mix moisturizer and oil and apply to the skin.

    Many people use sunscreen or foundation to protect their skin from dust and sun.

    Avoid acidic products for your skin. It affects harshly on your skin. Use hot water to remove it.

    Take a bowl with icy water. Put your face for almost 2 3 minutes in cold water. it should increase blood flow in your skin.


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