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Heart Care

What is a Heart problem?

The heart is the main component of the human body. It plays a major role in our body. Heart pump blood in every part of our body. The blood is flow in our body with Venis. Venis is spread in every small part of our body. There are many heart problems that impact our whole body. A heart problem is a serious illness.

How does heart disease occur?

High Blood Pressure: HBP impact Venis directly. It causes high pressure on our heart and damages it.

Stress: High stress and depression impact the human brain. Sometimes it occurs with high blood pressure. It put an overload on the heart.

Diabetes: A person with diabetes has fewer white cells to fight against bacteria.

Obesity: Overweight is also a major reason behind heart problems. It forces the heart to pump more blood. It occurs with HBP.

cholesterol: High cholesterol is the enemy of the heart. It makes air bubbles into the heart.

What is heart Care?

There are many ways to control heart problems. It is given as follows.

Drinking more water per day is the best way to take care of our hearts.

People who have blood pressure, diabetes, and cholesterol problems have to check their hearts.

We need to follow a good diet and regular exercise.
Avoid fast food and oily food.

Accept green vegetables.

Maintain the weight of the body.

We need to avoid overthinking, stress, and depression. We have to avoid smoking and drinking.


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