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Packages & Packets

We create delivery Packages & packets according to the number of drugs. There are almost 3 types of packages.

Packages & packets are created in 3 ways.

  1. Packaging Box: For more than 200 tablets, injections, cream, lotions, or pills
  2. Envelop Package: For up to 180-200 capsules or pills
  3. Small Package: For small orders like 2-3 injections, 10-15 pills

If you order your medicines then you can Track your order here. Traking order

1. Packaging Box

Packages & packets

2. Envelope Packaging

And you don’t really have to flatten that down too much because we’re using it as a packing envelope

Packages & packets

3. Small Package

Enjoy design & customization Services. Give your products an elegant appeal with sublime small packaging boxes.

Packages & packets