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Tag: Allergy

What is Allergy?

An allergy occurs when a person responds negatively to the environment. It leads to cough, difficulty in breathing, and sneezing. it is not a disease but it is a long-term problem. Asthama people have to danger with this problem. Allergens are found in dust mites, pets, pollen, insects, ticks, molds, foods, and medications.

What happened if you have an allergy reaction?

  • When allergens enter the body. It triggers an antibody response.
  • These antibody cells are attached to normal cell
  • Once allergen contact with antibody cell, normal cells react to antibody cell
  • cough, difficulty in breathing, sneezing, feeling irritating, and uncomfortable is the reaction of allergies.

How to control allergies?

  • People who suffer from this problem need to avoid dirt and messy areas.
  • People have to avoid objects or areas where it is a reason behind their allergies.
  • Always take medicine with them and try to breathe properly.