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Tag: Fur allergy

What is fur allergy?

A fur allergy occurs when a person responds negatively to the animal or fur. It leads to cough, difficulty in breathing, and sneezing. it is not a disease but it is a long-term problem. Asthama people have to danger with this problem. Allergies in pets with furs, such as cats and dogs, are common.

What happened if you have an allergy reaction?

  • When a person comes in contact with fury animals like cats, dogs, or rabbits. They feel uncomfortable with it.
  • Once allergen contact with antibody cell, normal cells react to antibody cell
  • cough, difficulty in breathing, sneezing, feeling irritating, and uncomfortable is the reaction of allergies.

How to control fur allergies?

  • People who suffer from this problem need to avoid dirt and messy areas.
  • People have to avoid objects or areas where it is a reason behind their allergies.
  • Always take medicine with them and try to breathe properly.