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    What is hand care?

    The hand is an important part of our body. According to WHO 60-70 percent of infections are spread with hands. It touches everything and bacteria are spread by hand. It is necessary to keep our hands washed. Fever, cough, cold, or skin infections are spread with a hand touch. So hand care is important.

    Hand hygiene:

    Wash your hand after coming home from the outdoor. It should kill almost all bacteria in your hand.

    We have to wash our hands with hand wash which contains 30% of alcohol.

    Always take one small bottle of alcohol with you with 60-70 percent of alcohol.

    Avoid putting your hand on a dusty areas. It should contain bacteria.

    Wash your hand before going to take a meal.

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    Happy Woman With Curly Hair


    Taking care and embracing the texture of natural curly hair is not an easy task. As it is contributes a major role in your looks, so it become more important to maintain your curly hair and give your hair a proper regime according to your hair type.