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Tag: Stop smoking

Stop smoking Habit:

Smoking is a terrible habit and it is dangerous for our health. It is damage our lungs so we need to stop smoking. People start smoking in stress, depression, or anxiety. The smoke of cigarette damage the lungs. It should be left a habit but it takes a long time.

What to do to control smoking:

We can join a gym, health club, and Yoga classes to maintain body health.

Many people go to the garden in the early morning. They do exercise, yoga, and jocking. So they feel fresh in mind.

Make a diet chart and follow it. Good food also diverts the mind from negative thinking.

Get knowledge of minerals and eat those foods which have enough minerals.

There are many medicines that use to forget smoking.

It is the nicotine that destroys the chemical that leads a person to smoke.

In the beginning, it is difficult to control themselves from smoking.