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Tag: Sun protection

What is sun protection?

It is a product that protects your skin from sun rays. Sunscreen, lotion, or gel are known as sun protection products. These all products are made from herbal plants. It is protective cream that secures your skin from sunburn or skin problems. Many companies manufacture it with proper guidelines. But always be aware of the expiry date of products.

How to use sun protection products?

Take a sunscreen of a good brand and apply it to your all body that comes in touch with sun rays.

You have to take 5 to 6 drops of cream and softly apply it to your hands, legs, or face.

Sportsmen who play in the open sky, apply the cream on their faces so they will be safe from sunburn.

If you go to beatch, or on a long drive on a sunny day. Just apply it to your skin.

You can get it from medical stores or from the skincare hub.

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