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Anti Cancer

What is cancer?

Cancer is not normal or simple. It is complicated. cancer occurs during the bad behavior of cells in the body. When the body produces more cells than required, cancer appears in the body parts. Cancer cells are putting pressure on vital organs. Not only that but also cancer affect white blood cells and spreads their area to other organs.

How many types of cancer?

There are many types of cancer. It is as follows.

Carcinomas: This type of cancer impacts skins, cells, organs, or body captives. It is dangerous for the body. It occurs because of a bad diet.

Bone cancer: As the name it, it occurs in bones. Cancer cells make bones weak and convert them into powder form.

Brain cancer: In this type, a small tumor paper in the brain. There is not any solution for it instead of operation.

Blood Cancer: Cancer cells enter into blood veins and spread in the whole body. It makes blood think.

Other types: There are many types of cancer such as throat cancer, lung cancer, eye cancer, and sexual cancer.

What is Anti Cancer Care?

Pharmaceutics: People who have cancer need to take the dose at a time without missing any pills.

Oncologist: Take an exercise from a trainer and make yourself fit.

Doctors: People who suffer from cancer need to check their self regularly.

Operation: a person who fails to recover from his cancer need to complete an operation for good health.

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