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Hepatitis B

What is the Hepatitis B?

The liver is the main part of our disaster system. It is a serious liver infection that occurs with the Hepatitis B virus. this disease spread with infected body fluid. Food is also the reason behind this problem.
less eye vision, abdominal pain, and dark urine are symptoms of this illness.

What are the symptoms of Hepatitis B?

There are many symptoms of this disease. It is as follows.

Abdominal Pain: The person suddenly feels high pain in bones, back, legs, or hands. It is one of the symptoms of the Hepatitis B

Dark urine: If a person releases dark urine then it is serious. It is happen because of the less amount of water in the body.

Joint pain: It is a normal symptom. A person can feel pain in the knee, shoulder, or hand during walking.

Less hunger: Their stomach is always full and eats less food. Sometimes they miss their meal.

Vomiting: It is an impact on the disaster system. They vomit everything that they eat or drink. They always feel weak.

How does control Hepatitis B?

There are many ways to control these diseases.

Drink water: Doctors are suggested to drink water according to your body weight. We have to drink almost 6 liters of water daily.

Time table: Create a one-time chart that remember you to eat or drink water. Humen have to eat food every 3 hours.

Medicines: First of all visit the nearest doctor and take guidance from a doctor. Take medicines regularly on time.

Information: Get to know which food has more natural nutrition from google. You have to need knowledge about every mineral.

Exercise: Join the gym and start doing exercise daily. There are many people who run health clubs. It is very helpful.


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