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HIV Aids

What is the HIV?

HIV stands for Human Immunodeficiency Virus. It directly attacks cells that help to body fight against bacteria. Unprotected sex, blood transactions, sharing needles in medical, and pregnancy are reasons behind the spread of HIV/AIDS. There is no cure for HIV. it will treat with medicines.

How is HIV spread?

There are many ways HIV spread. It is as follows.

SEX: Having unprotected sex with an HIV-positive partner can spread HIV. It is a genetic disease.

Infected blood: A person who is HIV positive and donates the blood. Now that blood is inserted into another person and that person is also infected with HIV.

Needles: In the hospital, the doctor gives an injection to one patient and forgets to change the needle. After that doctor gives the same injection with the same needles. It is spread HIV.

Genetic: HIV or AIDS is a genetic disease. It comes to children from parents. There are also other ways that spread HIV and AIDS.

How does control Hepatitis C?

There are many ways to control these diseases.

Cell therapy: Doctors can change infected cells with anti-HIV cells. It will help to generate other anti-HIV cells inside the body.

An antibody: Insert vaccine inside the body injection. It will kill most HIV variants. It should secure the body from HIV.

Medicines: First of all visit the nearest doctor and take guidance from a doctor. Take medicines regularly on time.

Information: Get to know which food has more natural nutrition from google. You have to need knowledge about every mineral.

Exercise: Join the gym and start doing exercise daily. There are many people who run health clubs. It is very helpful.


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