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What are lungs?

It is a pair of one organ in the chest. It supplies oxygen to the body and removes carbon dioxide from the body. It is one of the important parts of the human body. There are many lung diseases like asthma, cancer, and coughing.

How do maintain our lungs healthy?

Sit straight: A person who has asthma needs to sit straight on a chair. It helps oxygen to reach deep into the lung.

Deep breath: Sit straight on a chair and take a deep breath. It helps to increase lung capacity. It is reducing cough.

inhalers: Asthma patients need to take one refiller inhaler. Take it 10 times every 50-60 seconds.

Exercise: Wake up early in the morning and start regular exercise. The fresh morning air is useful for asthma patients.

Emergency: In an emergency situation call an ambulance and try to take a deep breath.

Medicines: Pills also help to reduce this disease.


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