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Tuberculosis (TB)

What is Tuberculosis?

TB (Tuberculosis) is an infected disease. It is transmitted through the air from a person with TB through coughing, laughing, singing, and talking. TB mostly affects the lungs but also affects any part of the body. It will damage the lungs of a person. People who suffer from TB are not able to take breaths properly.

What are the symptoms of Tuberculosis?

There are many symptoms of this disease. It is as follows.

Fever: People who have headaches and be in confusion for while need to check it with the doctor. Continued fever is also one of the signs of TB.

Drink water: People with this disease start to drink more water than average.

Cough: A person can feel a cough inside the lungs and come back during coughing or laughing.

Noises and vomiting: The person can fill blood flow from noise. It impacts your disaster system.

Weakness: You fill body pain and weakness into the body. It impacts your energy.

What is Multiple Tuberculosis Care?

There are many ways for cancer treatment.
Medicians: A person who has cancer symptoms needs to check with experts. They can guide properly. The beginning of cancer can stop with medicine.

Radiation: It is modern technology. With help of radiation, doctors can damage the cancer cells without operations.

Exercise: Taking a proper diet and regular exercise can reduce the chances of breast cancer. It will help to kill cancer cells from the beginning.

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