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Azel 40mg (Enzalutamide)


Active Ingredient(Generic Name): Enzalutamide
Indication: Prostate cancer
Manufacturer: Dr Reddy’s Laboratories Ltd
Packaging: 28 capsules in 1 strip
Strength: 40mg
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Buy Azel capsule Online?
Azel, Men ailing with CRPC or prostate cancer are advised to ingest this medication. This is a very grave disease and the genuineness of the drug is crucial to show its effectiveness in support of patients to ease out their disease effects. The patients need to obtain instruction list from a doctor and purchase from a nearby reliable pharmacy. Moreover, they can as well acquire it from an authentic online retailer that is known for selling quality medicines.

What is Azel?
Azel capsule is utilized to tackle CRPC or castrate-resistant prostate cancer, which forms a stage in which prostate cancer continues to develop even after testosterone levels are maintained low inside the body. This drug is primarily employed among victims whose ailment has grown worse on or subsequent to Docetaxel therapy. This medication is not advisable to adolescents, kids, and females.

How Azel works?
The capsule forms an antiandrogens remedy. It functions by obstructing the impacts of the natural male hormone when the development of prostate cells occurs. Azel suppresses the capacity of the androgen receptors to unite with the androgens that consequently minimizes the capability relating to the prostate cancer cells to develop.

How to take Azel?
With regard to CRPC patients, the suggested dose is 160mg that needs to be consumed as four capsules of the medicine of 40mg strength
Azel capsule is ingested via the oral route one –time in a day
The capsule is consumed devoid of food or alongside meals
Gulp down the capsule whole
Never open or chew or dissolve the drug
Azel Overdose:
In the state of overdose, the administration of the drug must be avoided and seek supportive care and scrutinize the appearing negative signs. In case a patient swallows overdose the danger of seizures is high. See a medical doctor speedily. Other common effects are:

High blood pressure
Hot flashes
Azel Dosage:
With regard to CRPC patients, the suggested dose is 40 mg that needs to be consumed as four capsules of the medicine of 40mg strength.

For each person, all medicines show different interaction. Gain info regarding all likely interaction that the drug can start by talking to a physician without fail.

Alcohol interaction

No interaction with beverages like alcohol is established yet. Tell your GP ahead of its utilization.

Interaction with various medicines

A capsule of Azel tends to interact with strong to soft inducer of CYP2C9 and CYP3A4 & CPY2C19 can develop high potential germane medicine interaction.

This capsule as well interacts with inducers and suppressors of CYP2CB & CYP3A4 can set off circulating concentration relating to enzalutamide.

The capsule of Azel interacts with aromatase inhibitors anastrozole diminish its efficacy.

Disease interactions

Kidney damage

The administration of Azel capsule needs to exercise carefulness among patients ill with kidney ailments owing to the amplified danger of harsh effects. Careful scrutinizing of kidney function, correct dosage titration, or replacement with appropriate option can be necessary within several instances reliant on the health and clinical condition of the sufferer.


The utilization of Azel capsule necessitates exercising carefulness among patients ailing with kidney ailments on account of the augmented danger of harsh effects. Careful scrutinizing of kidney function, correct dosage titration, or replacement with appropriate option can be essential within several instances reliant on the health and clinical condition of the sufferer.

During the ingestion of Azel medication, the menace of seizure will crash amid victims and via abrupt loss of consciousness are prone to injure themselves. Speak to a doctor of medicine in case you observe any signs of fits.

In case, the patient had undergone any neurological disorder such as confusion, headache, lethargy, and various other visual issues without or alongside hypertension. Say to the medical practitioner because he can suggest the discontinuation of the remedy.

With the threat of seizure, avoid its utilization permanently in case develops. Do not consume in case PRES or posterior reversible encephalopathy syndrome starts. Watch symptoms cautiously relating to ischemic heart disease; avoid its intake in case of grade 3 or 4 initiates. Cope effectively with cardiovascular dangers like dyslipidemia, hypertension, and diabetes.

Take into stock fracture & fall menace, scrutinize and deal with them according to set instructions. Embryo-fetal toxicity and Some renal damage or ESRD can set in. Men having with them women partners of reproductive possibility need utilize efficacious condom while the drug therapy continues and following the final dose administration utilize contraceptive for three months.

You better keep in mind that Azel is merely for consumption among males. Females cannot ingest the drug, specifically in case they are expecting or have chances of conceiving or breastfeeding. Females, particularly those who are pregnant or can become pregnant ward off Azel capsules. In case, by chance swallowed by pregnant lady, Azel can damage the fetus. In case a childbearing lady ingests Azel she needs to contact her physician swiftly.

Say to medical practitioner concerning any herbal products you may be consuming, particularly St. John’s wort. Speak to GP in case you had any time a brain arteriovenous malformation, seizures, a brain tumor, a brain injury.


Side effects:
Azel can break side effects. Tell your GP in case the following signs come up or are grim or do not end:

Frequent urination
Pink or red urine
Joint pain
Muscle weakness or stiffness
Dry skin
Weight loss
Difficulty remembering or paying attention, thinking
Burning, numbness, or tickling in the hands, arms or feet
Reduced sense of touch or capability to feel the sensation
Trouble falling asleep or staying asleep
Hot flashes
Several side effects tend to be adverse. In case you notice any of such signs, ring up the physician instantly or seek rapid medical aid:

Hallucinating (observing things or hearing sounds that are not there)
Broken bones or fractures
Trouble breathing
Trouble controlling pee or bowel movements
Numbness or tickling in the legs or buttocks
Pain in your back and/or legs
Cough, fever, sore throat, or some signs of infection
Swelling of the tongue, throat, legs, feet, face, lips, arms, hands
Headache; confusion
Vision changes
Azel can trigger other side effects. Consult the physician in case you note uncommon issues during ingesting the drug.


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