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    Bigfun 100 Mg


    Active Ingredient(Generic Name): Sildenafil Citrate
    Indication: Erectile Dysfunction
    Manufacturer: Leeford Pharma Pvt Ltd
    Packaging: 4 Tablets in Strip
    Strength: 100mg
    Delivery Time 6 To 15 days

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    Why You Need Bigfun 100mg For Male Sexual Impotence!
    Bigfun 100 mg possesses in its formulation a powerful substance Sildenafil citrate.

    Also, Sildenafil citrate is the close brethren of remedies popular as phosphodiesterase type-5-inhibitors.

    Moreover, the drug is useful for treating adult males who are suffering from ED or erectile dysfunction.

    Besides, the condition of ED is also famous as Impotence.

    Plus, ED starts when a guy cannot sustain or gain a proper erection for penetrative sex.

    Impotence is the powerlessness of a guy to keep up or acquire an erection with enough hardness to start sensual intercourse.

    Additionally, Bigfun 100mg acts by assisting to lighten up the arteries in the member.

    Thus, it permits enough blood volume to feed your penis when you experience sexual spur.

    Furthermore, Bigfun 100 pills are gainful for males who are fighting the issue of soft erection during penetration.

    Also, the pills of Bigfun 100 perk up blood flow in the groin area.

    Thus it aids to gain a suitable erection for sexual intimacy.

    Is it safe to use Bigfun 100mg?
    The use of Bigfun 100 pills is very safe only after consultation with your physician.

    However, medical supervision is necessary because the drug can begin some adverse effects that can badly affect your health.

    Besides, it is advisable to speak to your doctor before eating this pill so that to ensure your safety.

    What are The Right Bigfun 100mg Dosages?
    Bigfun 100mg tablets are having the potency of 25/50/100 milligrams.

    However, for most guys, the dosage advice is Bigfun 50mg each day.

    Also, your GP will advise Bigfun dose that he or she finds conducive to your health & condition of the disorder.

    Depending on your tolerance and efficiency of the drug, the doctor can suggest you eat the highest dose of 100mg.

    Moreover, the doctor can decrease the dosage to 25mg.

    Additionally, the highest suggested dosing advice is one pill every day.

    What happens if you take too much Sildenafil?
    Sometimes it comes about you take Bigfum 100mg pills in additional amount than required.

    Then overdose on the pill can start bad effects on your healthiness and body.

    Plus, it can give you negative effects that come up in the form of various side effects.

    Additionally, maybe you note any change in your body or observe side effects.

    Then hurry for medical aid to avert further breaking of bad reactions.

    Furthermore, the side effects appear as dizziness, nausea, hypertension, flushing, priapism, etc.

    What Precautions Are Required With Bigfun 100mg?
    You always adhere to the suggestion of your doctor.

    However, kids and females cannot eat this moiety.

    Also, before beginning this drug regime, confer with your physician and reveal your medical history and other drugs.

    Moreover, you tell your GP if you have undergone serious hepatic or heart issues lately.

    Besides, you inform your doctor regarding hypotension, a heart attack, or a stroke, if you had any recently.

    What is the side effect of Bigfun 100mg?
    Bigfun 100mg triggers side effects like chest pain, pain in your shoulder or jaw, pressure on the chest, and nausea.

    Plus, the drug starts sweating, a constant erection, vision changes, grave breathlessness, and sudden loss of vision.

    Additionally, cough accompanying foamy mucus, tinnitus, irregular heart rhythm, and sudden loss of hearing capacity star.

    Furthermore, swelling of the user’s body parts, seizure, headache, lightheadedness, facial flushing, dizziness, tingly sensation, blurry vision, and abnormal vision occur.

    Also, color vision changes, sleep issues, nasal congestion, nosebleed, muscle pain, runny nose, upset stomach, and back pain begin.

    Where to buy Bigfun 100mg online
    Bigfun 100 requires safe to purchase from an online seller that retails quality medicament  for its consumers.

    Also, Bigfun 100mg affects your sex life positively.

    Therefore, it needs a reliable online vendor that is famous for vending such drugs.

    Besides, you do not require searching for any online seller just visit Arrowmeds online site for getting the product.

    Moreover, their medicaments are high in quality with reasonable rates.

    Plus, they provide deals and offers for their consumers’ benefit.

    Additionally, by purchasing this product from Arrowmeds, you save sufficient money.

    Furthermore, Arrowmeds ship your medication to your door in no time and save your time too.

    How Does Bigfun 100mg Work?
    Bigfun 100mg represses the cyclic GMP-specific PDE5 chemical.

    Plus, this chemical brings about the annihilation of cyclic GMP within the corpus cavernosum present inside the phallus.

    Additionally, sensual spur erection occurs because of the increased blood supply towards your member.

    Furthermore, this leads to the loosening up of the penile blood vessels and erectile tissue in the phallus.

    Moreover, at that time the liberation of nitric oxide occurs from your endothelial cells and nerve terminals.

    Besides, this action triggers the production of cyclic GMP within smooth muscle cells.

    Also, the relaxation of smooth muscle takes place due to cyclic GMP and amplifies blood volume in the erectile tissue.

    Plus, the suppression of PDE5 by Bigfun 100mg augments erectile function by boosting the ratio of cyclic GMP.

    How to take Bigfun 100mg?
    A user can eat Bigfun 100mg orally with meals or without food.

    Plus, you must eat this moiety sixty minutes before sexual activity.

    However, half an hour to sixty minutes is enough for it to commence an action.

    Additionally, a patient needs to swallow it wholly without grating, breaking, crushing, or chewing it.

    Furthermore, the dose is one pill once a day.

    Bigfun 100mg storage conditions
    You can store this remedy at a temperature between 15 to 30 degrees Celsius in a dry space.
    Moreover, place it away from kids and sunlight.
    Bigfun 100mg reviews
    John from the USA admits to have greatly benefitted from the use of Bigfun 100mg.
    Also, he says before using this drug, he could not manage erect phallus during sexual intercourse.
    But, after using Bigfun 100, now his penis remains erect like a rock.
    Is Bigfun 100mg as good as Sildenafil?
    Sildenafil, as well as Bigfun 100mg, are one and the same thing.
    Plus, Bigfun 100 mg encloses Sildenafil as its chief component.
    Is it illegal to buy Bigfun 100?
    It is not legal to purchase Bigfun 100 without a doctor’s prescription.
    Additionally, the medication is likely to give harsh side effects.
    Does Bigfun 100 make you last longer?
    Surely, Bigfun 100 aids to do sex for a lengthened period.
    Also, it packs the corpus cavernosum with huge blood circulation and you get long-lasting and hard erections.
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