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Generic Arimidex (Anastrozole)


Active Ingredient(Generic Name): Anastrozole
Indication: Breast cancer
Manufacturer: Healing Pharma, India
Packaging: 10 tablets in 1 strip
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Product Description

Armotraz Is A Prescription Drug And Should Be Used Under Proper Medical Guidance And Advice. Do Not Share The Medicine With Others, Since They May Be Suffering From A Problem That Is Not Effectively Treated By This Drug.

Breast cancer was one of the causes for taking away many lives. Thanks to the Awareness towards Breast Cancer that more number of women’s are getting treatment and winning over Cancer. Whenever the word Cancer comes into mind, only the scene of graveyard occurs. With the early treatment and modern science the deadly signs of cancer can be depleted. There are many methods by which the breast cancer can be cured. One of them is the surgery and other is the Radiation Therapy but it is only needed in the later stages. A large number of women are getting in the net traps of Breast Cancer in the early stages of their life. Being just aware is not enough getting the proper treatment is the hefty need of this time.Breast cancer in the early stage starts with a small lump, a self test can also be done.

a)    Examine if the size of the breast or the nipples are changing.
b)    Test if there is any form of puffiness in arm pits and whether this reaches the breast area or not.
c)    Are you enduring pain in the breast areas?
d)    If there is a discharge through nipples.

If any of the above symptoms occurs then visit a doctor, as it is a high chance of getting breast cancer. Almost in every case a lump is found after the examination. It is not really necessary that it will be a cause of cancer. But if in case it is found than listen to the doctor carefully and get the treatment quickly.

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